Looking for TRUE Syrups & Garnishes? We’re now Pratt Standard Cocktail Company. Read a Q&A about our brand change from our Founder, Tory Pratt, below.

Q: So, why the change?

A: When I started this company in 2014, I wanted the brand to be about authenticity. And we were- TRUE Syrups & Garnishes was a great name to convey the authenticity in our syrups. Since then we’ve realized this company and our products are about a lot more than authenticity, and a lot more than syrups. Yes, we sell syrups. Our company is about premium quality, flavor, and authenticity in our products. But what we’re really about is the genuine interaction that sharing a cocktail with someone can bring, which is much broader than a name that means “authentic syrups”. In an age of hyper-connectedness and being glued to our technology, we believe deeply in taking a moment out to savor a cocktail with friends and family. So we are changing the name to something that I feel conveys quality, authenticity, premium flavor, and connectedness- something that’s deeply embedded in me and my path to running this company- my last name: Pratt.

Tory Pratt | Pratt Standard Founder

Tory Pratt | Pratt Standard Founder

Q: How did you land on the name Pratt Standard, and what does it mean?

A: The first thing we did when we realized we needed a new name was to sit down and write out our values, mission, and business functions.

An example of our Founder’s poor handwriting.

An example of our Founder’s poor handwriting.

Instead of an allowance, my mom would give me a spoonful of mystery food and if I could identify all the ingredients, I’d get $5. We’d go on roadtrips to organic farms, regularly driving an hour out of the way for premium quality ingredients from people we trusted to make delicious, authentic, real foods. We ate family meals together every single night, and it was always restaurant-quality, made with love, attention to detail, deep knowledge of ingredients, and with the goal in mind of providing a foundation for our family to connect with each other. In the end, the Pratt family standard for food is about all the things that this company is about- authenticity, premium quality, flavor, and connectedness.

So, we’re now Pratt Standard, and we are committed to helping our customers make cocktails and build meaningful connections over them with friends and family.

Pratt Standard Logo_FINAL.png

We wanted a name that fits who we are and what we do. So based off these values we came up with over 100 potential names. Eventually we whittled it down to just one that really said it all: Pratt Standard Cocktail Company.

All of my friends know I’ve always been obsessed with food, flavor, and connecting with others over a meal and a cocktail. I even wrote my college entrance essay for the Georgetown School of Foreign Service about how food can serve as a bridge between people and worlds. What a lot of my friends don’t know is that I grew up around the food industry. My mom, Kay Pratt, was a caterer, and she and my dad, Dave Pratt, started a smoked seafood business in Philadelphia when I was young.

Kay Pratt, our Founder’s mom, assembling a cake

Kay Pratt, our Founder’s mom, assembling a cake


In the spirit of honoring the values my family brought to this business, all of our excellent new branding was done by my sister, Caroline Pratt, who is an Art Director in New York.

Q: Why now?

A: We launched on Amazon in January of 2018, and we realized we have customers across the US, not just concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic near where we hand-produce our syrups. We’re on the cusp of large-scale growth across the US, and we wanted our name to be distinctive and accurately represent who we are to a larger, national customer base.

Q: Have you changed your recipes?

A: Not at all. What’s inside the bottles is exactly the same, high-quality product you know from our previous brand.

Q: Is your price going up?

A: Not at all. We’re selling everything at the same price as before.

Q: Does this brand change mean you’ll be selling things other than syrups?

A: That’s our eventual goal, yes. We’ve launched a series of cocktail classes in the DC area (email events@prattstandard.com if you’d like to learn more about them) to start to fulfill our mission of educating our customers about cocktail-craft. And we’ve got a few products in the pipeline that we hope to launch in the next year. All of our products we’ve developed to date have been a result of a critical mass of customer requests. If you’d like to request that we make a cocktail product you’ve been wanting to see, email us at info@prattstandard.com.