Blackberry Mint Julep Cocktail Kit

Blackberry Mint Julep Cocktail Kit

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Warmer weather is coming, and with it warmer weather cocktails! And if you ask us, the jewel of the bunch is the Mint Julep.

This kit includes: a bottle of our Blackberry Mint syrup, a Lewis bag, and a wooden mallet. That covers everything you need to make this cocktail aside from the booze (traditionally bourbon) and the optional-but-extremely-recommended mint sprig garnish. (alas, leaves don't ship well.) You'll also get a step-by-step guide to making this drink perfectly. Give it a shot, it might be your new favorite.

As Jerry Thomas, known as the father of American mixology, said: "I must descant a little upon the mint julep, as it is, with the thermometer at 100 degrees, one of the most delightful and insinuating potations that ever was invented, and may be drank with equal satisfaction when the thermometer is as low as 70 degrees." Plus, the Kentucky Derby agrees--the Mint Julep became the official beverage of the race in 1938 and many a julep has been consumed in its honor over the years.

Basically, it's pretty good.

The defining characteristic of a Julep is how you use your ice. These cocktails got their notoriety from a time before air conditioning but after transportable ice, and that shows in how much ice you use. The recipe calls for packing the cup full of crushed ice, even sometimes mounding it on top. And how do you get all of that crushed ice? With a mallet, of course!