February Cocktail Kit

February Cocktail Kit

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Introducing cocktail kits! They include ingredients you'll need to make a different style of cocktail every month. Just add your favorite booze.*

February Cocktail: The Sour. 
This kit was inspired by Valentine's Day, knowing many of us cannot be with our loved ones right now. So if there's someone you're missing this month, send them a kit, and spend some time on Zoom making cocktails together. Or maybe just treat yourself to a fancy 'me' night. Either way, you're getting a great cocktail.

What is a sour? It's a simple but wonderful shaken cocktail that uses just sugar, citrus juice, and alcohol. But don't think the number of ingredients means it isn't exciting–– there are so many ways to prepare one that you're only limited by your imagination. You're probably more familiar with them than you think–– for example, a margarita is a just sour that uses orange liqueur, lime juice, and tequila.

This kit includes:
1 16oz bottle Cranberry Orange Syrup
1 Bell jigger 
Blood Orange

Need something to shake with? Just add a Boston Shaker and Hawthorne Strainer to your cart.

Please note: To ensure the freshest citrus, these kits will ship weekly on Wednesdays.

*If we could ship you booze, we would, but the law says no.